Public Transport

Switzerland’s highly sophisticated public transport system represents a real figurehead for the country – not least thanks to the comprehensive support of operating processes through information technology. SCS develops bespoke solutions for transport companies, in the following areas in particular:

  • Train control systems
  • Ticketing
  • Passenger information

Our extensive knowledge, combined with our longstanding experience, allow us to tailor solutions to your needs.

Public Transport - Blog Postings

A team of SBB specialists carried out an audit of SCS on behalf of Swiss Federal Railway SBB for the Engineering Services contract regarding measurement and diagnostics technology (
By 2014, The tpg and SCS started a collaboration for the upgrade of the 500 ticket machines, with the aim to develop a new sales software and to renew certain components of the sales systems ...
The safety and availability of SBB railway infrastructures is ensured by the Infrastructure Monitoring business unit. SBB requires a "towed diagnostics vehicle" (gDFZ) to fulfill this duty and at the same time to provide an enhancement to ...
The company Jöhl + Köferli AG offers tailored radio-transmission solutions. Supplemented by a control system, a central communication infrastructure for public transport emerges ...