IOBnet - Exchange platform for ophthalmologists

High Level Software Innovation Medical Technology Web platform

The IOBnet platform offers ophthalmologists the opportunity to exchange anonymized cases with experts at any time. With the creation of the platform, SCS helps ophthalmologists in Switzerland to exchange knowledge and thus also patients.

  • Initial situation

    More and more diagnoses by ophthalmologists are supported by imaging methods such as optical coherence tomography. Not all physicians are equally familiar with the visual manifestations of disease patterns.

  • Solution SCS

    Together with a design team, SCS created a web platform on which physicians can upload individual cases anonymously and then discuss them with experts.

  • Added value

    Ophthalmologists get a second opinion quickly and with a low barrier to entry to make a reliable diagnosis.

Project insights

In many medical fields, especially in image-based diagnosis, there is a need for expert opinions and exchange in the medical community. Unfortunately, obtaining a second opinion is usually costly as the patient physically goes to a second doctor. This is time-consuming for the patient and delays making a diagnosis.

Example of an OCT B-scan of a healthy retina. The depression in the center of the image corresponds to the fovea, the site of best visual acuity. (Image © Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Peter Maloca, IOB and University of Basel)

The use of modern technologies means that an expert opinion is only a few mouse clicks away. A visit to a second expert is no longer necessary, diagnoses and therapy decisions are made promptly. Exchange between physicians is facilitated and the physician has the chance to improve the quality of his diagnosis.

The Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) aims to improve the treatment of patients with eye diseases by innovative methods.

For the IOB, SCS has delivered a customized web-based professional exchange platform. It provides an easy and secure way to share OCT (ocular tomography) scans with an expert and to get a second opinion. Data from various widely used OCT devices can be uploaded and presented on a user-friendly web interface.

Screenshots of the IOBnet platform

A Swiss provider is used for hosting and a modern software architecture according to the latest security standards and corresponding frameworks were used for development.

The platform will be expanded in the future. For example, a collection of instructive and exemplary cases for typical diagnoses is planned. In addition, ophthalmologists could help researchers collect data for rare disease research.

Customer feedback

"The team at SCS has supported me professionally for years in research and diagnostics with the latest technologies. I can wholeheartedly recommend SCS for providing the best." - Priv.-Doz. Peter Maloca, MD"

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