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The media archive for Swiss radio and television SRF enables journalists to access archive material dating back to the 1950s and to have the image and video material sent directly to the editing suite.

  • Initial situation

    People are informing themselves more and more often on the Internet or via social media. Media companies have to prepare and broadcast their content ever more quickly in order to survive. A central tool is the media archive of all previously produced content.

  • Solution SCS

    The Faro archiving system archives media files with various metadata largely automatically, e.g. with Speech-To-Text. Journalists can search the archive and send the video and audio material directly to the editing suite.

  • Added value

    Since metadata is recorded to the second, a quote or a goal at a soccer match can be jumped to directly. Journalists research in a modern web client with access to 1 million video and 1.6 million audio articles.

Project insights

A central working tool for radio and TV journalists is the media archive of all previously produced content. For example, the quote of a National Councilor can be reused for political reports, archive images of the corresponding country for foreign reports, or the past exploits of a soccer team for sports broadcasts. For this purpose, SCS has developed the Faro media archive system on behalf of SRF. Faro is a tailor-made solution for SRF's needs. It is used to record newly produced broadcasts, users can use it to search the archive for content and have the content made available for reuse.

Research with the FARO archive system. Since metadata is captured to the second, a quote or a goal at a soccer match can be jumped to directly. Image SRF/Oscar Alessio

The media files of newly produced broadcasts are stored in the archive with various metadata, largely automatically. Documentalists subsequently add specific information to the archive material, such as scene descriptions, content details and usage information. This is central for archive research and reuse of content. Wherever possible, automation is used, e.g. with Speech-To-Text.

For research purposes, users can access the contents of FARO via a search interface. Various metadata can be searched for, such as people, places, events or quotes. Video and audio files can be viewed in the same way as YouTube. Since the metadata is recorded to the second, a quote or the goal of a soccer match can be jumped to directly.

The audio or video material can be sent directly from the research tool to an editing suite, where it can be used for new contributions.

The archive contains 1 million video and 1.6 million audio clips. Image SRF/Oscar Alessio

SCS is responsible for the entire development cycle from requirements clarification through UX design and development to testing, commissioning and support. Faro is continuously developed and enhanced with new features.

Technically, Faro consists of a metadata database and media storage. A desktop application is used to capture broadcasts. Journalists research and order in a modern web client with a backend of multiple services in Kubernetes. Elasticsearch is used as search technology.

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