SCS Mico, the communication solution for operations centres

Innovation Public Safety

SCS Mico is a highly flexible and fully integrated VoIP telephony and radio solution for emergency control centres in the public safety sector and offers various innovative functionalities

  • Challenge

    The communication of emergency services organisations is undergoing rapid change due to digitalisation, which offers completely new possibilities. At the same time, proven systems need to be integrated and their life cycle extended.

  • Solution SCS

    SCS Mico is a highly flexible state-of-the-art solution: web-based, virtualised, scalable and modularly expandable, with a special focus on usability.

  • Added value

    The high integration of all functionalities in one solution and the intuitive operation optimally supports the work of the operating personnel. The seamless integration with Hexagon's OnCall operations control system allows the optimisation of processes across all system parts.

Insights into the solution

SCS Mico is a VoIP telephony and radio solution for operations centres. A highly redundant infrastructure offers basic functionalities such as voice recording, eCall, voice recognition and mixing of audio channels in a high configurability. Third-party systems are integrated in a lean way, such as Polycom, which is widely used in Switzerland, but also conventional radio systems, emergency call pillars or in-house communication systems up to MS Teams integration. Operation is via a web-based solution, all communication across all channels is done integrally via a single audio system (UCC).

A fully integrated video call functionality allows video telephony with alerting persons at the scene of the incident without the need to install apps on the mobile phone. This allows dispatchers to view the scene of the accident or the scene of the incident.

Usability is central: During the development of SCS Mico, the ELS staff is at the centre and is continuously involved in the design and further development of the solution. UX specialists analyse the processes and optimise the operation for the daily reality in the operations centre - this leads to a very high acceptance by the staff.

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