SDAT data hub for the Swiss electricity industry

High Level Software

The data hub simplifies and standardises market communication. SCS develops and operates the SDAT Datahub for the company Swisseldex AG, an association of various industry players.

  • Problem

    Customer change process and the dispatch of metering data are costly bilateral processes between different industry players in the liberalised electricity market

  • Solution SCS

    A central data hub based on the industry standard SDAT standardises and automates customer change process and measurement data routing, which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

  • Added value

    A customised development has created a highly available data hub with the highest data protection and IT security standards. The platform is flexibly expandable and prepared for future data hub applications. SCS offers development and operation from a single source.

Project insights

The Swisseldex Datahub is developed by SCS and operated on a cloud platform. In addition, SCS provides end-customer support to help the players with the implementation of the business processes by telephone and via a ticketing system. A 7/24 on-call service ensures the high availability of the platform. 

The Datahub has a measuring point register that is available to partners. The measuring point register maps the status of measuring points and allows the automation of customer change process through so-called shortcuts. This leads to an increase in efficiency in the implementation of exchange processes.

The data hub enables efficient and secure communication between the market partners.
The data hub enables efficient and secure communication between the market partners.

The routing of measurement data via the Datahub is done via a single SFTP access per market partner, whereby the Datahub is responsible for the correct routing of messages and measurement data.

As of the beginning of 2021, more than 400 market partners were active on the Swisseldex Datahub and penetration is constantly increasing.

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