AI & Data Analytics

AI becomes everyday life - with us you can realise your AI visions!

Successful development of AI solutions and data analytics projects require technological excellence, knowledge of the business domain and a trusting customer relationship. This allows us to transform your vision into a productive solution with real added value - whether in the cloud, on-premise or on embedded systems (AI-at-the edge).

Research meets practice: AI development

Whether in the automation of processes in manufacturing or in the analysis of data: Learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) are already being used by companies on a daily basis for a wide variety of purposes.

Our task as SCS: To work with you to both concretize your vision and develop your individual requirements for the use and development of AI in order to achieve a customized solution.

Whether data analytics, smart algorithms, machine learning, "state of the art" or classic approaches - the technology used is tailored to your needs so that your company is ideally and comprehensively prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

You too can use the potential of your data to improve your systems, processes or services.

Would you like individual advice on the possible applications of intelligent AI solutions for your company? I look forward to hearing from you.

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The path to artificial intelligence

  • Implementation of research results in everyday life

    Thanks to our many years of industrial experience and our close contact with universities, we generate feasible solutions and identify the prerequisites for successful implementation.

  • MLOps - Effective development process

    AI and data analytics projects encompass the entire development process: versioned data acquisition, the generation of training data, the development of suitable AI models, the validation of the results and a simple deployment. This leads to quality-assured, reproducible and traceable results.

  • Explainability of AI decisions

    The explainability of AI products is often decisive for their acceptance. Thanks to the use of 'Explainable Artificial Intelligence' (XAI), we succeed in opening the AI black box.

Customized AI algorithms

Take the step into the future with us and benefit from our comprehensive technical know-how in AI development and data analytics. Together with you, we develop AI algorithms that are precisely tailored to the tasks and requirements of your industry to take you and your vision further. At the same time, we use the most effective technologies and approaches and pay attention to a high-quality development process.

Current projects

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are part of everyday life - SCS has already made a contribution to this in numerous projects. We support customers from a wide range of industries such as public transport, energy, automotive, and medicine & life science, in order to advance digitalization and companies through intelligent systems.

But how are AI developments from SCS helping to realize our customers' visions? Get an insight into how AI is being used in our latest projects:

Visual control of railroad wagons

Is the block brake worn? How thick is the collector shoe of the pantograph? Is an improperly installed screw coupling hanging down? The ... learn more

Predictive Alarm Detection

SBB ZKE measures the bearing and wheel temperatures of passing trains on the open track. SCS has trained an AI model that can measure the ... learn more

AI detects hip malpositions

Hip deformities in newborns can require many operations. SCS has developed an AI that can correct such ... learn more

AI at the edge - counting cells

SCS developed a deep learning algorithm that determines the number of cells in an image in the microscopy system. The AI was developed for ... learn more

Digitisation of cable plans

SCS wins an international ideas competition and supports Danish railways in digitising cable plans. The information density ... learn more

Your AI project together with SCS

SCS is your partner for AI! We support our customers with different technologies from the idea to the realization. Our broad offer includes:

  • Innovation & Use Cases: Which challenges should be solved and how?
  • Feasibility studies: Are the solutions technologically feasible?
  • AI solutions development - implementing the best approach
  • ML pipeline setup - continuous improvement of results through MLOps
  • Industrialization of AI - making AI trustworthy
  • Integration of AI into your system - individual software for embedded systems or the cloud

Benefit from this broad expertise and let your vision become reality - together with SCS! We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to your inquiry on the topic of AI development.

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