Hardware, FPGA & Embedded Systems

SCS is your competent partner for the development of hardware, FPGAs and embedded systems.

Since our development of the first Swiss supercomputer in 1994, we have successfully implemented over 1000 challenging customer projects: from camera-based driver assistants to SIL-certified switch control; in the laboratory, car and data centre; from prototype to industrialisation.

  • First Time Right

    In complex development projects, mistakes are expensive. Our proven processes and in-depth know-how minimise your 'time to market'. We rely on sustainable architectures, clean documentation and implementation as well as thorough testing. Thanks to continuous integration, automated builds and tests, we develop the highest quality.

  • Full stack support

    Our technological breadth and many years of experience enable solutions from a single source: from hardware to FPGA, system-on-chips and GPUs to RTOS, Linux or Baremetal; from assembler to C/C++ and Rust to Python; from automotive Ethernet to Flutter GUI. We love interdisciplinary challenges through the whole technology stack.

  • Optimal solutions

    From the first workshop to the industrialised series product, we support you in the development of your embedded system. We can count on the many years of experience and broad expertise of our employees. Thanks to hardware, FPGA and software know-how from microcontrollers to supercomputers, we design an optimally coordinated overall system.

Current projects

SOC/FPGA: 4D full-range radar

The 4D Radar developed by ZF supports the development of safe vehicles through the generated high-resolution point cloud. The team from ... learn more

Embedded electronics and app for watches

Zurich-based startup Aramedes aims to build watches that combine traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, ... learn more

Control for the most powerful ship engine in the world

SCS has developed a versatile control system for combustion engines for Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD). The new control system enables ... learn more

Retrofits - Fit for the future

A retrofit is a modernisation of a system by retrofitting partial components. This allows costs to be saved in an environmentally friendly way. SCS has ... learn more

FPGA based driver assistance systems

Camera-based driver assistance systems must be able to process video images in real time. SCS has developed various image processing algorithms such as ... learn more
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