Product Strategy & Design

Find the right solution for the right problem with us! A winding, often iterative and decisive process of idea generation precedes the start of product development. We provide the common thread from the vision to a sustainable business model to a fully developed solution concept. As selective support or from A to Z.

Successful product development through methodical innovation

A product can fail at many points on its way to the market: the management does not want to implement a good idea, the business model is not viable or financial bottlenecks occur during development. Sometimes the project partners get in the way or the product is simply not well received on the market. Perhaps because it doesn't stand out from the competition?

These problems can be tackled and mitigated in a preliminary project.

From vision to mature solution concept

Based on our own experience and best practices, we have developed a methodology that enables well-founded and documented decisions to be made at an early stage of the project. The aim is to systematically transform visions and product ideas into feasible concepts and sustainable business models. All relevant aspects are considered in terms of technical feasibility, benefits and profitability:

  • Analysis of market environment, stakeholders, company and portfolio
  • Determine the value proposition, target market and target group
  • Consideration of different solution variants
  • Profitability analysis and development of a business model
  • Verification of the solution concept through feasibility studies, functional models, prototypes

Feasability, Desirability and Viability

This process results in a resilient and coherent solution concept that lays the foundation for successful implementation. It defines clear objectives, serves as a common point of reference for all project participants and provides a basis for all subsequent decisions.

Our "Product Strategy & Design" service is aimed at clients in the early project phase

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  • Discover potential

    We take a close look at your company and its environment and uncover potential: be it for new developments, innovative business models, expansion or restructuring of your product range or internal process innovations.

  • From problem to solution

    Together, we gather all the relevant information and define what the product should be able to do. We then develop various solution approaches and work out the optimal ones until the final solution concept - as a solid basis for implementation!

  • Get a second opinion

    We review your product idea or solution concept and assess the status: Are you ready for implementation? Have all risks been sufficiently considered? Are all requirements clearly defined? The result is a clear recommendation on how to proceed.

Procedure with proven methodology

Inspired by well-known frameworks such as "Double Diamond" and "Design Thinking", we proceed in two steps:

  • First of all, we work with our customers to find out what a solution to be developed should do - in other words, what specific problem is to be solved. The environment, including the company, product portfolio and market, is considered in order to identify all relevant needs, stakeholders and processes.
  • Based on this, various solutions are developed, combined, compared and evaluated. The most promising solution variant is then further elaborated until it is sufficiently clearly described. The appropriate implementation plan is then drawn up and, where necessary, the solution concept is verified.

Double Diamond and Design Thinking

Our methodology is based on various established concepts, which we adapt to each specific project.

The right tools

Tools such as the "jobs-to-be-done framework" help us to better understand the needs of our target group. In addition to the main tasks that our target group would like to perform with our product, we also analyze related tasks and emotional and social aspects of their "job". This allows us to create a product that fits perfectly into the user's processes.

When developing business models, the HSG's "Magic Triangle" or the "Business Model Canvas", for example, help us to present initial ideas clearly, scrutinize them and define the four cornerstones of "value proposition", "target customer", "value chain" and "revenue mechanics" in a targeted manner.
Depending on requirements, we use other tools such as the stakeholder map, personas, feasibility studies, market analyses and profitability analyses and build functional models and prototypes. In doing so, we adapt flexibly to the needs and structures of our customers.

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Your advantages with a preliminary project with SCS

  • 30 years of successful product development in the field of software and electronics
  • 130 developers offer access to broad technology and industry knowledge
  • We support you from the idea through implementation to operation
  • Over 2000 successfully implemented projects within SCS
  • We offer an external, independent view and are not tied to specific suppliers or technologies
  • The project results, in particular IP, belong to the client

Once the preliminary project with SCS has been completed, all options are open to you for continuation. The solution concept contains all the information you need to further develop and implement the solution internally or with other partners. Depending on the topic, you may also be able to rely on SCS for implementation. This allows you to benefit from synergies.

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