Integritee Token-Bridge

Blockchain technology poses a wide range of hard engineering questions, that still need solving in order for the industry to mature and reach its full potential. One of these questions is: how to bridge tokens between different blockchains in a trustless way. In this master thesis, a token-bridge in a trusted execution environment is first evaluated and then implemented. For this the master thesis will build on the Tesseract paper and implement its approach within the code-basis of Integritee. The student will work next to the Integritee developers at SCS with ETH-Supervision provided by the System Security Group.

  • Further Information

    The idea is to implement a bridge for the TEER token. The TEER is the token of the Integritee Network. There will be two Integritee Network chains, one connected to Kusama and one connected to Polkadot. Due to this, there are two tokens, one running within Polkadot and one running within Kusama. We want these tokens to be interchangeable 1:1. The idea is to implement a bridge in a TEE. Integritee already provides the possibility to run logic off-chain in a TEE. The master thesis will build on that work, and make use of the existing implementation.

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